Shane Quick

Managing Partner @ Premier Productions

The music industry is all about labels, but you can’t put one on Shane Quick. He wears many hats– He’s an artist manager, a promoter, a creative, a disrupter, and a visionary. He’s from the small town of Cullman, Alabama, but his talent has reached the other side of the world. He created international touring models, he founded the Outcry Tour, and he put together one of the nations largest country music festivals, Rock the South. He built the largest team in the Christian music industry at Premier Productions, and with his leadership, it became a top 10 touring company in the USA. He started small, but after almost 20 years in the industry he’s now pulling off 600+ shows around the world each year. With all of this, his greatest accomplishment is being a father to his son Ethan and leading his family with his wife Laura. He puts his heart and soul into his community and his work– but he’s not finished yet.