Liz Pineda

Founder & CEO @ LP

Liz Pineda has been helping Consultants, Coaches and Authors define, refine and implement their Online Business Strategies for the past 10 years.

As an Expert in Marketing & Sales automation, Liz has the Gift of Translation when it comes to breaking complex concepts and ideas down into their smaller, more easily understood parts. In the area of Online Marketing and Business Systems, this Gift of Translation allows Liz to help his clients conceptualize and create their online systems, including lead generation, follow up marketing, online sales, and course/program Automation.

Over the past 10 years, she has worked with the leaders of the personal & business transformation industry, including Jeff Bullas, Mike Kim, Kary Obrebrunner, and many, many more.

Why does this matter?

“Because I love when people are in their element and marketing just works for them.
I understand the unique challenges of overwhelm, indecision and stuckness that happens when you’re not sure what to say so people buy, what piece goes where — and I’m excited to help you get your high-performing marketing system launched once and for all.