Leslie Weaver

@ Enteractive

Have you ever read the children’s story Corduroy?  It’s a story that uncovers the idea of kindness, friendship, courage, and hope. Stories open the door to adventure, new experiences, and dreams. Words leaping off a page to tell a story to an audience is the driving force behind Leslie Weaver. With over 25 years of experiencing adventure in camp settings, after-school programming, non-profits, coaching sports, children’s and youth ministry, and education administration you can imagine the stories and lessons learned are enough to fill the pages of a book. The stories of dreams realized, confidence gained, the discovery of new strengths, and the list goes on. Leslie’s passion is to help grow tomorrow’s leaders and equip them with tools to thrive for years to come.  She leads a team of over 600 people providing memorable experiences for thousands of kids every day. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Terry, and posts way too many pictures of her miniature schnauzer online.