Brittany Lynne

Founder and CEO @ Healthy Chickadee

Meet Brittany Lynne she’s an entrepreneur from Tennessee by way of upstate New York. Her journey has taken her from a barefoot wandering, country livin’, thrifting master, Goo Goo Dolls listenin’, tea sipping Mom to leading a team of over ten thousand change their lives. Her background is in project management, nonprofit work serving others has set her up for success.

Her own health and wellness transformed into a personal brand leading others to discover who they are. Seeking relief from the chaos and desire to travel with her family she discovered what happens when hard work and passion start hanging out. In just eleven months she had a six-figure business. She’s passionate about sharing that freedom, serve those who cross her path, and equipping others to live a life of intention and purpose.

After a banner year of three million dollars in sales, she expanding her brand doing what she does best. Building community and fighting and being an advocate for those she coaches. She’s helped thousands through her RISE Challenge. REMOVE toxic time suckers, IDENTIFY your core values, SCHEDULE your day around what matters, and EXPLODE your business and life.

Brittany lives Nashville with her three children, her award-winning producer/songwriter husband Dan, and a little barefoot chaos left in there just for fun.